Tips & Tricks for Getting to Grips With Our New Range From Candle Warmers Etc

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With the recent launch of our new range from Candle Warmers Etc, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a few hints and tips on how to get the best from their products.

An ingenius idea that works much the same as our wax melt burners but designed to work with jar candles instead! Candle warmers give a stylish and practical alternative to burning your candle and are perfectly suited in spaces where a naked flame may not be appropriate, such as offices, smaller rooms and busy homes with young children & pets.

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Candle Warmers Etc Candle Warmers work best with our Medium Jar Candles and are also suitable for our Mini Jar Candles.

Candle Warmers Use Guide


Candle Warmer Tips

  • When the scent from your candle starts to diminish, melt approximately 1 inch of wax from the top, pour into a suitable container and discard once the wax has cooled and solidified.
  • If candle wax spills onto the candle warmer, use a plastic spatula or credit card to gently scrape the wax off. Use a paper towel to wipe off any remaining wax. Do not use any metal or sharp objects to remove spilled wax as this may damage your candle warmer.
  • Ensure that any wax used with the candle wamer is in a suitable container to help avoid spilages.
  • Turining the candle warmer off within less than five minutes of turning it on will shorten the life of the bulb.
  • It is not recomanded to light a candle after it has been used with a candle warmer.
  • Keep the candle wick at least 1/2 an inch away from the candle warmer bulb.


Replacing Your Candle Warmer Bulb

  • When your bulb wears out, replace it with a NP5 Candle Warmers Etc replacement bulb. Similar bulbs may fit the fixture but may not melt the candle wax.
  • Use a clean, soft cloth to handle the bulb. Oil from skin may shorten the bulbs life.


To replace your bulb:

  • Using a clean, soft cloth, gently grasp the old bulb and turn it anti-clockwise.
  • Carefully pull the bulb from the fixture.
  • Using a clean, soft cloth, insert a new NP5 bulb into the fixture and gently turn it clockwise.